Preaching or Teaching, or is it all the same?

I recently posted this to my Facebook Page:

To Teach or To Preach…That Is The Question!

Overnight last night I read a post that was stressing teaching emphasizing that many who preach really don’t say anything which left the impression intended or not that we should focus more on teaching than preaching. This was my response:

We need a balance of both teaching & preaching and not one more than the other but in equal proportion to each other. While Matthew 28 tells us to teach, Mark 16 tells us to preach, both are part of the great commission and we need both.

Paul exclaimed Preach the Word. Paul also said my speech and my Preaching was not with enticing words of man’s wisdom, but in the demonstration of the Spirit & Power. Paul also said that God has chosen the foolishness of Preaching! Romans 10 says and how shall they hear without a Preacher!

The issue is not if it is teaching or preaching for that is merely the style of delivery that the message is released through. Preaching is for inspiration and motivation, while teaching is for revelation and education. If all we have is teaching, we have people that know what to do but have no motivation to do anything, and so are spiritual fat cats and sit around doing nothing. If all we have is preaching, we have people that are extremely motivated to go and do, but have no clue what they are doing and are an accident going somewhere to happen. If we have a balance of both we have people who know what to do and are motivated to go and do it, an explosive combination.

The drawback to the Type of preaching you are referring to is the all the whooping and hacking and emotional frenzy that does not say anything. That is a far different issue from to teach or to preach. It is fine to whoop and hoot and holler and baptize the first three rows in spit…but my God Say Something. Nobody should ever leave a meeting saying man the preacher sure was preaching up a storm, but not have any idea what the preacher said. This is far too common, and it is because we have not in many cases taught our young preachers how to preach or how to prepare sermons even, so they go out hoot and holler but don’t say anything. This should never be.

Just because some don’t do it right…don’t throw the baby out with the bath water. No! A thousand times No! We need good Holy Ghost anointed systematic organized Preachers that will preach the whole counsel of God under the unction and the inspiration of the Holy Spirit in such a way to motivate and inspire the hearers to action and leaving a lasting impact…it is about content and organization of thought my dear Brothers, not about style of delivery.

This Blog was sent to me by James as being right along the same line…and I couldn’t agree more.

Meat in Due Season

I hear a lot of folks talking about the doctrine that is preached at their church. How their pastor/minister is very strong in his doctrinal preaching, etc. In exploring their doctrinal views and understandings, which I might add are very zealously argued, they come up quite deficient in understanding. Also if you’re not careful, you’ll offend them. Because as unlearned and ignorant [NOT stupid] of sound doctrine as they may be, they are passionate! They’re not able to really articulate what they believe beyond a very surface understanding, but they believe it! And are willing to fight and die for it. That’s sad! And it’s dangerous! Because if a more powerfully persuasive speaker comes along with “another” doctrine, they’re just as apt to follow him.

If we properly understand what preaching and teaching actually are; and the way they operate, and their intended goal, we will go much further down…

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