The Importance Of Right Relationships

I was meditating earlier tonight over some Prophetic Words of past years. I don’t know how many of you keep folders (whether electronic or old fashioned hard copy paper) but I do. They are good to go back over just like re-reading portions of Scripture you have read before is good to do.

There are several things that can come from going over Prophetic Words:

• It encourages your faith to remind yourself of what God has spoken previously.
• It reminds you of things you may have forgotten that God has spoken and you have taken your faith off of.
• It enables you to war a good warfare by them as Paul instructed Timothy.
• It also allows you to gain perspective that many times God will speak similar themes through many voices, especially in a certain season, either for that season or for one that is just about to begin.

One of things that governs my life is the practice of Hermeneutics, which is the art and science of Bible interpretation. It has been drilled into me since I was a child by both of my Parents who are both Apostles today. I knew and understood the practical applications of Hermeneutics before I knew the technical names or terms.

Some of the Principles of Hermeneutics used in Bible Interpretation are:

• The Comparative Mention Principle – comparing two verses of Scripture that deal with the same subject or theme to see how they are alike and how they differ.
• The Complete Mention Principle – taking all the Scriptures that deal with the same subject or theme to get the full scope and picture of what God is saying about that subject.

What I have discovered is that we can do the same thing with Prophetic Words. If we keep records or files of Prophetic Words we can find the ones that deal with the same theme or subject and see how they are the same, how they are different and how all together they form a complete picture. It also reminds us when discovering Prophetic Words along the same subject line that it is in line with Scripture fulfilling the words that Jesus spoke:

“…that by the mouth of two or three witnesses every word may be established.” Matthew 18:16b NKJV

What I discovered by going over some older Prophetic Words is how many dealt with the Importance of Relationships. I believe the truth of these Prophetic Words is just as vital and important right now as it was over the last several years that they were spoken.

“The Spirit of the Lord just spoke in my heart and He said that these are strategic days that we are living in. These are days of alignment. For He is causing His Body to align, and there are affiliations and associations that are going to fall by the wayside because they are not productive to Kingdom purpose. And there are affiliations and associations that have yet to be, that are soon to be because they are for the fulfillment of Kingdom purpose. And you will see that people that you have been in fellowship with and that you have associated with, you will have to cut them aside, for they will not help you, and they will not aid you in fulfilling your destiny. But instead they will be as it were those weights that must be cut asunder so that you may run the race that is set before you. For anyone that is a weight and that drags you down is not of benefit to you but a hindrance to you. And there will be those that will be brought across your path, some presently and some in the near future that just by association it will seem like it is the breath of God underneath your wings that will help propel you into your destiny. These are strategic times says the Spirit of God. Watch your associations, and watch your alignments, and be willing to sacrifice dead wood and cut it loose and seek only after Kingdom purpose that you may run the race that is set before you and fulfill your destiny in this hour.” Michael Fram

“…Alliances and coalitions will be instrumental. Spiritual alliances will be formed that will NOT be personally, carnally, or selfishly motivated, nor will these alliances be looking for self-blessing or receiving, but to be a blessing to the cities and nations…” Hector Torres

“…Those who are properly aligned relationally with apostolic leaders will experience heaven and earth connections that will bring increase. To not be aligned properly with relationships will cause the flow from heaven to cease…” Jean Steffenson

Proper alliances and coalitions will be key and instrumental during this season. Some relationships based on old wine structures will pass away and new relationships will form between like-minded leaders, regardless of denominational or non-denominational affinities. Right alignment is essential. If we are not in proper alignment it will cost us fruitfulness, health, a loss of revelation, and destiny. Setbacks will begin for those who are not properly aligned. Do not be afraid of change–there is a pruning that will take place in all aspects of God’s Kingdom…” The Apostolic Council Of Prophetic Elders

“And as change comes you must look at your relationships. Look at your alliances, and there are some you need to sow into more. There are some you need to spend more time with, and others you need to spend less or no time with; because change is coming.” Michael Fram

Did you notice how often God spoke about alignment and relationships? Do you think just maybe God is trying to get something across to us? I do! There is an old saying that goes something like this: “A word to the wise is sufficient.” Heed what the Spirit of God was and still is saying…watch who you are in relationship with. Make sure you are aligned properly. It could be the difference between success and failure.


3 thoughts on “The Importance Of Right Relationships”

    1. Thank you for your thoughts in your Blog. Context and what things meant when they were spoken are greatly overlooked in our day. My Father always taught me to ask:

      1. Who was speaking?
      2. Who were they speaking to?
      3. When was it spoken and what time period is it referring to?
      4. What it did meant to those that heard it?

      The correct answers to these 4 questions would help overcome much of the error of out day.

      1. I’m a few years late in responding to you, but late is better than never. Your four questions are good ones. I will add one more, test the spirit of everything thought, heard, and seen before acting on anything. THSA. Every minute of every day presents choices between good and evil. Are thoughts, what is heard, what is seen in the seven spirits of YaHavah, or in the seven opposite spirits of antichrist?

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