CALLED TO BE SAINTS…(with the bishops and deacons)

Excellent perspective from my friend Apostle Jim Becton.

James Becton Ministries/ EaglesVision Apostolic Co!

I was visiting with a pastor friend the other night and we were talking about “members” in the body of Christ, and how you incorporate them into the local assembly . Is membership automatic if one is truly born again, they belong to Christ, so therefore they are a part of the church? Is it given by the “right hand of fellowship”, that is, shaking the preachers hand, being water baptized, taking a course for new members, and being on the ‘tithing’ roll? Should there be an official ceremony and recognition of those joining the local assembly?

Or, is the whole thing about membership really taking away from what the “local church (assembly) really is, and that is a “FAMILY!” IN A FAMILY, THERE ARE (SPIRITUAL) PARENTS AND SONS AND DAUGHTERS!! In a family there is relationship because the children have been born of God, and therefore, yes, they belong…

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What’s new for 2015?

A Great Word by my friend Apostle Jim Becton. You will not have to “compete” in your tribe, you will be “complete” in your tribe!

James Becton Ministries/ EaglesVision Apostolic Co!

It seems to me, that many in ministry, still believe that if they just “turn up the juices”, so to speak, i.e, jump on that idea, get creative, and sometimes even jump on the bandwagon, that the Lord Jesus will just make it happen for them!!

The last few days and even couple of weeks, I have been scanning the pages and posts, including ATF, and I find that a lot of us are leaning more on “human wisdom, people pleasing, and intellectualism”, rather than leaning on the Arm of the LORD, His wisdom, understanding and knowledge.

BELIEVE YOU ME, I know how easy it is to do that and I have to watch my actions, motives, and own desires constantly!! I know also that many of us find our affirmation and identity in “what we do” rather than “WHO WE ARE” IN HIM, THROUGH HIS OWN PURPOSE AND GRACE…

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The call is to pray and to preach with the Spirit. The call is to let the Spirit move!

The Flaming Herald

Many of our so called modern revivals are happy but shallow. This is of deep concern to me for I am not seeing the old anointings any more. My heart grieves especially for the young people who have never witnessed the real power of God.

Honestly, some things I see today are appalling. That old teaching that we are free from the Law has raised its ugly head again. Certainly, we are free from the Law written on stone, but we are not free from the Law that is written in our hearts.

In a time when repentance is needed the most we have teachings sweeping the land that tell Christians they don’t need to repent. In a day when there is a deplorable lack of holiness in the Church we are being told that we are already holy enough through Christ’s sacrifice (2 Cor. 7:1). In an hour when…

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Full Gospel or Apostolic Kingdom

An excellent contrast between 2 Paradigms.

Greg Crawford

I have been asked several times about the difference between an apostolic or kingdom church and a Full Gospel charismatic church. After all, they are the same, aren’t they? No, not at all. Here are some comparisons. (Full Gospel Charismatic church will be FGC. Apostolic Kingdom will be AK.)


Generally an FGC church will be focused like most other churches on outreach of winning the lost and discipling. The discipling is more into the tenets of their expression. The AK will be more focused on the development of people and their placement into effective function in the local assembly. FGC will focus on conversion of all souls and will focus on presenting the gospel of salvation. AK will be focused that all people will feel the weight of the Kingdom and its influences. AK knows the Kingdom automatically demands an answer and decisions will have to be made.


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