What’s new for 2015?

A Great Word by my friend Apostle Jim Becton. You will not have to “compete” in your tribe, you will be “complete” in your tribe!

James Becton Ministries/ EaglesVision Apostolic Co!

It seems to me, that many in ministry, still believe that if they just “turn up the juices”, so to speak, i.e, jump on that idea, get creative, and sometimes even jump on the bandwagon, that the Lord Jesus will just make it happen for them!!

The last few days and even couple of weeks, I have been scanning the pages and posts, including ATF, and I find that a lot of us are leaning more on “human wisdom, people pleasing, and intellectualism”, rather than leaning on the Arm of the LORD, His wisdom, understanding and knowledge.

BELIEVE YOU ME, I know how easy it is to do that and I have to watch my actions, motives, and own desires constantly!! I know also that many of us find our affirmation and identity in “what we do” rather than “WHO WE ARE” IN HIM, THROUGH HIS OWN PURPOSE AND GRACE…

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