CALLED TO BE SAINTS…(with the bishops and deacons)

Excellent perspective from my friend Apostle Jim Becton.

James Becton Ministries/ EaglesVision Apostolic Co!

I was visiting with a pastor friend the other night and we were talking about “members” in the body of Christ, and how you incorporate them into the local assembly . Is membership automatic if one is truly born again, they belong to Christ, so therefore they are a part of the church? Is it given by the “right hand of fellowship”, that is, shaking the preachers hand, being water baptized, taking a course for new members, and being on the ‘tithing’ roll? Should there be an official ceremony and recognition of those joining the local assembly?

Or, is the whole thing about membership really taking away from what the “local church (assembly) really is, and that is a “FAMILY!” IN A FAMILY, THERE ARE (SPIRITUAL) PARENTS AND SONS AND DAUGHTERS!! In a family there is relationship because the children have been born of God, and therefore, yes, they belong…

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