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Revival is not the pursuit of any manifestation or aspect of ministry whether it be miracles, signs, wonders, visions, shaking, trembling, falling down, weeping, laughter, healing, deliverance, appearances of gold dust, and anything else you could possibly hear of. Most of these kinds of manifestations are frequent in times of revival, but they are not the revival. They may accompany revival or lead to revival, but they are not necessarily evidence of revival.

Revival is a definite outpouring of the Holy Spirit on the Church and then those she is called to reach.

Revival is a restoration of Divine life from deadness and dullness. It is a return to spiritual health, vibrancy, and vigor.

Revival awakens us from a sleeping heart and stirs us from our slumber. We become conscious of heaven and of eternal things.

Revival means to flourish after a time of decline; to come back into use…

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Who’s Your Daddy?

There is an expression that is used in the streets quite regularly…”Who’s Your Daddy?” This question is often asked when the lineage of an individual is not known. It is really kind of a derogatory question that is surely not a complement…but a dig.

What has me thinking of that question you may ask? It seems we have a plethora of “Quote on Quote” Ministers these days all over social media calling themselves Apostles and Prophets. The truth of the matter is anyone can contract Vista Print to make Business Cards for them and can put whatever title they want on them. Vista Print doesn’t care if it is true or not as long as you pay them for their services.

There is a custom in the Jewish faith that when a male child reaches 30 years of age, even though he has already had his Bar Mitzvah at 13, that the Father of that male child announces him as being fully matured and able to rule and take over the family business. If you remember when Jesus was baptized by John, He was 30 years of age. It was then at that baptism as He came up out of the water that the Father announced Him as His Beloved Son in Whom He was well pleased.

If you recall in First Corinthians chapter 4 when Apostle Paul wanted to send someone he could trust to the church at Corinth; he said that he was sending his son Timothy. Timothy was announced as his son by Paul. Jesus was announced as God’s Son by His Father. The question remains: “Who’s Your Daddy?”

So many that are saying I am Apostle this or Prophet that…have never been announced! Who is their Father? Who trained them? Who raised them? Who sent them? Whose message are they carrying? Jesus was and is the Pattern Son. Jesus said My message is not my own, it is the message of Him Who sent Me. Jesus said whatever I see My Father do…that is what I do.

In the natural a child gets their DNA from their Father. Jesus had His Father’s DNA. When Paul said he didn’t have anyone else that he could send…one that would say the same thing that he would say…he sent Timothy. Timothy was a Sent Son…sent to Sons (Paul said that he had begotten Corinthian Church…they were his sons). Jesus was a sent Son. Who’s Son are we? Who is our Daddy?

The truth of the matter is the Son carries the Message, the Method, the Mantle, the Mandate, the Mindset and the Mission of the Father that sent them. Jesus did. Timothy did. What about us today? As I see so many of these supposed leaders I ask: Who sent you? Who announced you? Who’s DNA do you carry? Who’s Message, Mantle, Method, Mandate, Mindset and Mission are you carrying? Who’s your Daddy?