The Apostolic Dimension!

Great thoughts from my Brother Apostle Jim Becton.

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There is a ministry position in the body of Christ today that has become an “office of Incumbency” and that is because most local churches call this position “THE PASTOR!” In other words, this ministry office, as many call it, has a distinct advantage because it carries the idea that the leader of the local church is the PASTOR!

Yet when it comes to calling, gifting, and grace given to a “Senior Minister” (pastor), many leaders do NOT fit that “round peg” into a “square hole” way of thinking! In fact, because of “function over title” and “calling over postion”, God is raising up a new generation of leaders who have been given a “divine grace” to lead, not according to hierarchy or pecking order, but serve according to “apostolic impact, influence, and intent!!”

In our consulting ministry to the body of Christ and relationships in the kingdom, Pam and…

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A Hard Hitting Honest Look At What We Pass Off For Worship In Far Too Many Instances!

The Flaming Herald

Today there is much focus and attention given to public worship. In our Christian gatherings and services great emphasis is placed on having the right worship leader, the right band, great lighting, cool sound, trendy staging, etc. These things are discussed and rehashed by senior leaders/pastors and their staff to enhance the Sunday morning worship experience for the average parishioner or visitor.

This may come as a surprise to some, but I find very little mention of these things in Scripture. Now of course there is nothing wrong with any of these things in and of themselves, but I have found that external props can actually work in the reverse to detract from the real purpose of true worship – mainly to experience intimacy with the Lord and be touched by His tangible presence, as well as open the door for the manifestation of the gifts of the Spirit.

We are quick to claim that these props are indeed to…

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Hear the Cry of the Spirit, for a Revival of the Spirit and the Word working in tandem.

The Flaming Herald

A Facebook friend of mine wrote me the following, concerning the Word and the Spirit that men of old carried:

“The men and women of old knew nothing of the extensiveness of error in the cotton candy gospel of today. They nipped it in the bud. They stated without apology that without holiness we won’t see the Lord. They knew scripture far better than today’s Bible professors. Sister Pauline Parham, the daughter-in-law of Charles Parham, told me in Dallas in the early 80s that the old preachers knew the Word far better than the new generation, and powerful moves of the Spirit not seen today were common.”– (Pauline Parham was Charles Parham’s daughter in law – Charles Parham [1883-1929] was the first preacher to articulate Pentecostalism’s distinctive doctrine of evidential tongues, and to expand the movement.)

Add to that the following prophecy given to F.F. Bosworth’s granddaughter:

“The ministers of…

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