Pioneers and Forerunners #2 – Graces of Vision

Great Part 2 By Apostle Greg Crawford

Greg Crawford

In my last blog, I spoke of the difference between pioneers and forerunners. Again, I received several good responses. I want to expand that blog since it has helped many people to understand what they are going through. It has also shown me the need to gather the pioneers to get mutual encouragement. I believe most of our conferences are for the forerunners.
Now looking again at pioneers and forerunners, we see that the pioneer is a visionary. They must see afar off and have a sense of direction. The apostolic and prophet graces fall directly into the category of pioneer. They are both visionary and bring new concepts of the future and new paths of spiritual travel. This is not to say there aren’t some pioneers in the other graces of pastor, teacher, and evangelist moving as well. It is just their numbers are very few.
Both apostles and…

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Pioneering or Forerunning

A great word by my friend Apostle Greg, makes me understand much of my efforts.

Greg Crawford

Today as I got up, I started thinking on the life I have had of pioneering or forerunning. I used to think they were the same but after this morning’s reflections; I’ve concluded they are two completely different things.

When you are forerunning, you are announcing to a large group of people who are willing to follow you. Most forerunners have very large or sustainable congregations or larger groups of people already following them. The forerunner is only announcing to a group of people what has already been discovered. Generally, the forerunner is declaring revelation that has already been uncovered but is now finally ready to be received. The forerunner is not alone but has other forerunners to draw strength from. The forerunner looks extremely successful, supposedly has new revelation, numbers of followers, and enough funds to do the work. They seem to get great honor being a forerunner and…

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Why Either/Or When God Intended Both

This morning I read a post on social media that said something to the effect that we needed to have Preachers that were Passionate more than Polished. I understand the sentiment that the person was getting at, yet my thought was why do we have to settle for either Passionate or Polished? Why can’t we have Preachers that are both Passionate and Polished? If we think about it…was Jesus not a Polished Preacher? Was Paul not a Polished Preacher? It is not either/or that we need, it is both that we need! We need Preachers that are both Passionate and Polished!

I believe we set ourselves up for failure by making us choose between two things in an either/or situation when God intended that we have both. Here are two more examples that most will be able to relate to:

Teaching or Preaching – another example of this failed ideology of either/or is about Teaching and Preaching. Some stress the importance of Teaching which is for Education, while others stress the importance of Preaching which is for Motivation. Again, why must we choose one or the other? Why can’t we have both? If all we have is Teaching, we have folks that know what to do, but no motivation to do it. If all we have is Preaching, we have folks that are motivated to do something, but have no clue what they are to do. If we have a balance of both we have folks that know what to do and are motivated to do it.

The Word or The Spirit – this is another example of this failed ideology of either/or. Some folks want to stress The Word! Just give me the Word brother, just give me the Word. All we need is the Word. There are others who stress how much we need a move of the Spirit. We just need to allow for a move of the Holy Spirit. We just need to have manifestations. Again, why are we choosing between two things as if we can only have one or the other when God intended that we have both the Teaching & Preaching of the Word accompanied by the Moving & Manifestations of the Spirit? Just the Word, Word, Word leads to dry Christianity. Just the Manifestations of the Spirit leads to flakey Christianity. It is not either/or we need…it is both we need!

We need to stop this either/or mentality in the Church! God is not making us choose! Why are we making us choose? He intended that we be both Passionate & Polished, He intended that we have both Teaching & Preaching of the Word, He intended that we have the Teaching & Preaching of the Word as well as the Moving & Manifestations of the Spirit. Let us take everything that God has for us!