Apostolic Regional Convergence!

Great Blog By Apostle Jim Becton.

James Becton Ministries/ EaglesVision Apostolic Co!

Apostolic Regional Convergence is how the Father aligns, builds, and connects through apostles and prophets!
The kingdom of heaven is like a net… (Matt. 13:47)
The kingdom is the domain of God and His Christ, His realm, reign and rule beginning not only in a person, but corporately in the body of Christ establishing the sovereign rule of Christ in regions and cities!
When apostolic ministry comes together with the prophetic, the kingdom net is cast forth and gathers in all kinds, good and bad, true and false. There has to be a “sifting”, that is why the “shifting” comes and always brings a great “Shaking!” Evangelists, Pastors and teachers then all have their role and function when this happens.
The Parable of the wheat and the tares:
Matt. 13:30- ‘Let both (wheat and tares) grow together UNTIL THE HARVEST, and at the time of harvest I will say to…

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