Next Generation Reformation Team!

God Notes

Rider Saluting

Next Generation Reformation Team!

I had an exciting dream recently of horses and riders racing together as a team.  In it, I believe that the Lord has revealed a few things about those that are called to be the next generation reformation team!

In this dream, I am a watcher.  There are several horses with riders, lined up in a row.  I get the impression they are a team, lining up for the start of some type of a horse show or other kind of contest, like the Olympics.  With heads bowed, so I am unable to see their faces, in unison, the riders all make a hand-signal, passing their hand over their heads.  It looks like the signal for “cutting off” something, using their hand as a knife or a sword.

The horses start to race, and the riders all stand up on the backs of the horses.  “The…

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