Ship at Shore

Are we a church going somewhere or only pretending to be?

I dream…I am having a tour of a ship. A colourful character of a captain is taking me through, describing it’s best attributes.  I hit my hand against the outer wall of the ship and my hand smacks against cold hard concrete. It is as if the camera pans out on my dream and I see that the ship appears to be a sand sculpture on the shore!

I pat the wall again and say, “Land ahoy!”, to which he laughs. “It is not a ship it only looks like one?’  To this he responds that this is the beauty of it. Complete safety! The illusion of adventure! I feel the comfort of it at first, and think what a good idea!

But it’s not a real ship! it never goes anywhere!

And the safety begins to feel suffocating, like a coffin.


Well this one hardly needs interpretation. The…

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