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Not Ready Yet

I remember when I was a student in Rhema Bible Training Center (now Rhema Bible Training College) back in the 80’s, Rev. Kenneth E. (Dad) Hagin used to tell us that there were things that he could not share with us. There were things that he was walking in as part of his revelation and personal walk with God that he said he could not share as much as he wanted to. He said that no one was ready to hear it yet.

Lately I have been thinking about this quite a bit. Every time I begin to think about it I am reminded of the words of Jesus:

“I still have many things to say to you, but you cannot bear them now.” John 16:12 NKJV

When Jesus walked the earth he had the same issue with His disciples. He had many things to share with them but they were not ready yet. So it was with Dad Hagin, he had many things to share with us, but we were not ready yet…nobody in the Body of Christ was.

I look at much of the revelation of the Apostolic & Prophetic Restoration, Worship Explosion & Emphasis on the Kingdom that has been released to the Body of Christ in the last 25 or so years and realize now that these were some of things that Dad Hagin was referring to when he spoke to us back in the 80’s. My first year at Rhema was 1983 and I graduated in 1987. Most of the real growth of the Apostolic and Prophetic began to be released around the early 90’s and forward.

Dad Hagin went to be with Jesus in 2003; and much of what was released in the Body of Christ from the early 90’s to the time of his home going were things I believe that he referred to when he spoke to us back in the 80’s when I was a student. It wasn’t that dad did not understand them, have revelation of them or walk in them; he just knew the timing of God and that we were not ready yet.

If Jesus knew that the disciples were not ready for certain things that He knew and walked in, and Kenneth Hagin knew that we as Bible school students were not ready for certain things that he knew and walked in; isn’t it quite possible that as leaders today there are things that we may know and walk in but we cannot share them yet? Why? Because those we are called to minister to are not ready yet!

There is timing and season to everything and that includes new things that we are experiencing and walking in that maybe others are not. Do we always have a green light to share what we see and know? Or do we need to get the timing of God?

I can look back over my life and ministry and can remember around 1993 – 1995 I was working with a group of men doing Revivals, Leadership Seminars & Holy Ghost Meetings. We saw some things in the Word and were walking in them and began to share them and try to bring them to folks who were in the circles we were in, but most were not ready yet. In retrospect I can see that we were ahead of our time.

As God continues to give us revelation and show us new things to walk in and experience…before we begin to release them to our circles…let us keep in mind Jesus and Kenneth E. Hagin…and make sure that they can bear them…because sometimes…they are not ready yet.