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The Nature Of The Apostolic & Prophetic

Guest Blog By My Good Friend Apostle Ricci J Hausley Sr.

The nature of the Apostolic and the Prophetic are foundational in nature, and like all foundations are not known for visibility. Our problem has been that as God has restored the fivefold ministry to its rightful place it has been done in Kingdom fashion in reverse order. The problem is most have been sired in some past movement that was not Apostolic and Prophetic from its inception. So too many of us brought over other under pinning’s from Pastoral, Evangelistic and Teaching orientations. The Apostolic and the Prophetic are FOUNDATIONAL in nature.

As one who has been a commercial builder for 35 years with a degree in Architecture, I have NEVER seen a FOUNDATION in my years of experience be known for its visibility, but rather it is known for what it supports. I will never forget being invited to a meeting by a good friend of mine with someone who advertises some of the most notable ministries of our times. Their clean, slick graphics were on the level of a Madison Avenue level of excellence, for they really looked great. But, while listening to the presentation I could not help but notice the emphasis of 99% of the work that was presented, and trust me I am not being critical, but it all focused on the personalities of the Ministers and their Ministries. I sat very quiet for when I saw this trend; I felt very strongly that he had absolutely NOTHING in that presentation for me.

So I was so quiet that it got his attention and he came over to me and asked if there was anything he could do to assist me with the presentation of my Ministry. I responded I would rather not share (I did not want to put him on the spot in front of everyone). So carefully I shared while the presentation was excellent, and the work tremendous, because of the trend presented, that he did not have anything that would be of benefit for me. Then he stated I present some of the greatest Ministries in this country and in various countries, what makes you different from them? I told him I would rather not say in front of everyone. So he asked can I speak with you after the meeting, for I have never had anyone respond to us this way. I said I would hang around for a few. After taking numerous orders, he came over to me and said “Why did you state what you stated?”

I then proceeded to share with him my emphasis, and how my focus is not on MY MINISTRY nor my great gift and personality, but upon the next generation. He told me he had never heard anything like this in all of his years of doing this business. I told him if he could show me how to advertise, and promote the next generation I am all ears. He then stated I would not know how to begin doing that, and you are right I do not have anything in my offerings like that. See a FOUNDATION is not known for its visibility but for what it supports. I closed with him and told him I will always be best known through those I serve, especially my Sons and Daughters, not my anointing, my great gifts, calling or Ministry. In the Old Testament the High Priest began their ministry at 30 years old, and retired at 50 years old. They spent the balance of their life making a safe place for the next generation. I have served our network and school for over 20 years, and I have transferred the entire thing to the next generation. I was just listening to Dr. Myles Munroe’s family, specifically his son Chairo (Myles Jr.) and he and his family and ministry are face to face with legacy, inheritance, future leadership, and they are some tall shoes to fill. Hopefully this will give all of us pause and invoke a refocusing of what we are doing.

It is not enough to believe in the apostolic, or receive Apostles, or even believe that you are called and have been commissioned to an apostolic office. Unless what we are doing has been BUILT upon the foundation of the Apostles and Prophets are we then truly APOSTOLIC? I am afraid all of us need to revisit what is holding us up, and you may be surprised. I have and am doing such an exercise and something had to be abandoned, for it is like the parable Jesus spoke about when he dealt with the two houses. The two houses were built of good material and workmanship, with one exception. when they were inspected at the foundation level they were not the same. Dear Apostolic Fathers as His Sons are listening and on looking, let’s personally revisit our own life, message, and Ministry and make absolutely sure what we are doing is FOUNDATIONAL in nature, and not ambition driven, or performance oriented, and orphan hearted in its expression. All of us have enough miles on us and have been burned enough to give our tales from the dark side. But as Apostle Jim Becton’s vision which God gave him to release is for Fathers to share and Sons and Daughters to listen and learn is a paradigm shift which is most necessary.