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Days of the Manifestation of the Holy Ghost

Prophetic Word June 3, 2015
Prophet Rev. Michael Fram

This word was given by Tongues and the Interpretation of Tongues, this was the Interpretation

For these are the days of the manifestation of the Holy Ghost. These are the days of the manifestation of the Holy Ghost. And the Spirit is moving to and fro across the face of the earth looking for places that He can rest and abide. For in days gone by there were places that the Spirit of God could go, and He could visit a house. He could come and manifest His presence within a house, and there would be what the church would call: “A Move Of God” on a particular day; when the Spirit of God visited a house.

But these are days that are accelerated and expanding far beyond the time where the Spirit of God would come and visit a house. The Spirit of God at this point in time, at this juncture, at this season; is not looking for places that He can go and visit, He is looking for places where He is always welcome, where He can go and rest and abide. Even as many within the Body of Christ are no longer satisfied with visitation, but have within their hearts that they are believing for habitation…that is a desire that has been birthed in them and placed in them by My Spirit…for that is the same desire of the Holy Ghost.

The Holy Ghost is no longer satisfied with visitation rights to the house of God. The Holy Ghost wants habitation rights with the house of God. And the time has come in the earth, and to the Body of Christ, THAT THOSE THAT DON’T LOOK FOR HABITATION…BUT ARE SATISFIED ONLY WITH VISITATION…WILL FIND THAT VISITATION RIGHTS WILL BE REVOKED; where the Spirit of God will no longer come and visit because know He is looking for a permanent dwelling place.

Hear the voice and sense the yearning of the Spirit of God this night, the Spirit is no longer satisfied with visiting a house, He wants to come and rest and abide in a house. And those that don’t press in, and those that don’t yield to that yearning that has been birthed by the Spirit within them; will find themselves no longer even having visitation.

The Spirit is not playing games anymore. For the time is for those that are serious with God. And the Spirit of God has been placing a yearning within the hearts of the people of God. But even the Word says: “That My Spirit will not always strive with a man.” If you will…My Spirit will not always strive with a house. For I am endeavoring to bring all in My Body past the stage of visitation and move them into the stage of habitation.

And in order for the greater to come, in order for the manifestation of the Spirit to come to the fullness of capacity, ability, demonstration and power; the church must move beyond visitation and into habitation. And so those that are stiff-necked and those that put their foot in the water and pull their foot back out of the water; will find themselves not having any water to put their foot into. For its you’re in or you’re out. You want it or you don’t. Hear the voice and the yearning of the Spirit. He’s crying in all corners of the earth: “Where is My habitation?” “Where is My habitation?”

And as long as an individual house remains with that yearning that you have expressed this night, and keeps that yearning on the forefront of what they do, I will come in greater measure, in greater manifestation, in greater demonstration and in greater power than you have seen or known before; for the greater is yet ahead. But the greater cannot come without the habitation. Hear the word of the Lord.

The Importance Of Right Relationships

I was meditating earlier tonight over some Prophetic Words of past years. I don’t know how many of you keep folders (whether electronic or old fashioned hard copy paper) but I do. They are good to go back over just like re-reading portions of Scripture you have read before is good to do.

There are several things that can come from going over Prophetic Words:

• It encourages your faith to remind yourself of what God has spoken previously.
• It reminds you of things you may have forgotten that God has spoken and you have taken your faith off of.
• It enables you to war a good warfare by them as Paul instructed Timothy.
• It also allows you to gain perspective that many times God will speak similar themes through many voices, especially in a certain season, either for that season or for one that is just about to begin.

One of things that governs my life is the practice of Hermeneutics, which is the art and science of Bible interpretation. It has been drilled into me since I was a child by both of my Parents who are both Apostles today. I knew and understood the practical applications of Hermeneutics before I knew the technical names or terms.

Some of the Principles of Hermeneutics used in Bible Interpretation are:

• The Comparative Mention Principle – comparing two verses of Scripture that deal with the same subject or theme to see how they are alike and how they differ.
• The Complete Mention Principle – taking all the Scriptures that deal with the same subject or theme to get the full scope and picture of what God is saying about that subject.

What I have discovered is that we can do the same thing with Prophetic Words. If we keep records or files of Prophetic Words we can find the ones that deal with the same theme or subject and see how they are the same, how they are different and how all together they form a complete picture. It also reminds us when discovering Prophetic Words along the same subject line that it is in line with Scripture fulfilling the words that Jesus spoke:

“…that by the mouth of two or three witnesses every word may be established.” Matthew 18:16b NKJV

What I discovered by going over some older Prophetic Words is how many dealt with the Importance of Relationships. I believe the truth of these Prophetic Words is just as vital and important right now as it was over the last several years that they were spoken.

“The Spirit of the Lord just spoke in my heart and He said that these are strategic days that we are living in. These are days of alignment. For He is causing His Body to align, and there are affiliations and associations that are going to fall by the wayside because they are not productive to Kingdom purpose. And there are affiliations and associations that have yet to be, that are soon to be because they are for the fulfillment of Kingdom purpose. And you will see that people that you have been in fellowship with and that you have associated with, you will have to cut them aside, for they will not help you, and they will not aid you in fulfilling your destiny. But instead they will be as it were those weights that must be cut asunder so that you may run the race that is set before you. For anyone that is a weight and that drags you down is not of benefit to you but a hindrance to you. And there will be those that will be brought across your path, some presently and some in the near future that just by association it will seem like it is the breath of God underneath your wings that will help propel you into your destiny. These are strategic times says the Spirit of God. Watch your associations, and watch your alignments, and be willing to sacrifice dead wood and cut it loose and seek only after Kingdom purpose that you may run the race that is set before you and fulfill your destiny in this hour.” Michael Fram

“…Alliances and coalitions will be instrumental. Spiritual alliances will be formed that will NOT be personally, carnally, or selfishly motivated, nor will these alliances be looking for self-blessing or receiving, but to be a blessing to the cities and nations…” Hector Torres

“…Those who are properly aligned relationally with apostolic leaders will experience heaven and earth connections that will bring increase. To not be aligned properly with relationships will cause the flow from heaven to cease…” Jean Steffenson

Proper alliances and coalitions will be key and instrumental during this season. Some relationships based on old wine structures will pass away and new relationships will form between like-minded leaders, regardless of denominational or non-denominational affinities. Right alignment is essential. If we are not in proper alignment it will cost us fruitfulness, health, a loss of revelation, and destiny. Setbacks will begin for those who are not properly aligned. Do not be afraid of change–there is a pruning that will take place in all aspects of God’s Kingdom…” The Apostolic Council Of Prophetic Elders

“And as change comes you must look at your relationships. Look at your alliances, and there are some you need to sow into more. There are some you need to spend more time with, and others you need to spend less or no time with; because change is coming.” Michael Fram

Did you notice how often God spoke about alignment and relationships? Do you think just maybe God is trying to get something across to us? I do! There is an old saying that goes something like this: “A word to the wise is sufficient.” Heed what the Spirit of God was and still is saying…watch who you are in relationship with. Make sure you are aligned properly. It could be the difference between success and failure.

Responding To The Prophetic Word

It is a widely accepted fact that God speaks prophetically to His people. Scripture clearly states: “Surely the Lord God does nothing unless He reveals His secret counsel to His servants the prophets.” Amos 3:7 NASB In fact in the day and age in which we live, that I like to call the time period known as “The Restoration Of All Things” (see Acts 3:21), God seems to be speaking prophetically much more than He has in years gone by as He is restoring the Office of the Prophet to His Church. However, we must understand that as in Scripture, there are two types of prophetic words: absolute and conditional. Absolute prophecies come to pass because God does them all by Himself. Conditional prophecies require our cooperation in meeting the conditions laid forth. Hence how we respond to the prophetic word is extremely important.

In the Apostle John’s prophetic encounter recorded in Revelation chapters two and three, Jesus spoke plainly to seven churches. To each one He ended his message with the phrase: “He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches.” The first response that we must make to the prophetic word is to hear it. We must have spiritual ears to hear what the Spirit is saying. Jesus also said: “Take heed therefore how ye hear…” Luke 8:18 KJV Not only must we hear what the Spirit is saying and accept it as being a word from God but we must also hear it accurately. We must be open to God’s prophetic word and accept it as such.

Our second response to the prophetic word should be to write it down. God told the prophet Habakkuk: “And the Lord answered me, and said, ‘Write the vision and make it plain upon tables, that he may run that readeth it.’” Habakkuk 2:2 KJV God told the prophet Jeremiah: “Write all the words which I have spoken to you in a book.” Jeremiah 2:2 NASB God told the prophet Isaiah: “Now go, write it on a tablet before them and inscribe it on a scroll, that it may serve thee in time to come…” Isaiah 30:8 NASB Do you see a pattern here? Do you see a common theme to what God told each of these prophets? It is clear that we must write down our prophetic words so that we do not loose sight of them.

The same way that we refer back to the written Logos (Scripture Word) of God to remember what He has promised us, we must refer back to the written Rhema (Prophetic Word) of God to remember what He has promised us. Too many in the Body of Christ today are missing it because they forget what God promised them prophetically. This brings us to our next response to the prophetic word. The Apostle Paul wrote to his spiritual son, the apostle in training, Timothy: “This command I entrust to you, Timothy, my son, in accordance with the prophecies previously made concerning you, that by them you may fight the good fight.1 Timothy 1:18 NASB We must learn to war or fight with our prophetic words. The same way we remind God, the devil and ourselves of what is written in Scripture, we must also remind God, the devil and ourselves of what God has prophetically declared.

There is always a moral imperative with the prophetic word of God. Even if it seems that there are no conditions listed in the prophetic word, we must still live right, pursue God and His kingdom, and above all fight with our prophetic words by declaring them in our prayer life. This is another area where many in the church err. Just because God spoke it, doesn’t mean that we can just sit back and do nothing and expect it to come to pass, no more than we can expect to get saved by just sitting back and doing nothing. There is an act of faith that appropriates God’s promise of salvation in our getting saved, and there is an act of faith that appropriates God’s prophetic promise that causes us to walk in it. This idea that God said thus and so, so I can just sit back and watch God do it is a subtle lie of the enemy that is keeping many from inheriting their prophetic promises.

The final area that I want to touch on in this brief overview is a critical one that I learned from the hard way. We must always be careful to NOT put our own meaning on God’s prophetic word. When God gives us a prophetic word He never gives us all the details. Even though He knows the end from the beginning, He never tells us the end from the beginning. If He did, we most likely wouldn’t pursue it, and it wouldn’t require us to walk by faith. (Which we know it is impossible to please God without walking by faith, see Hebrews 11:6) The Apostle Paul tells us: “For we know in part, and we prophesy in part.” 1 Corinthians 13:9 NASB No prophetic word is total revelation it is always partial revelation.

The danger that comes in is when we take the partial revelation that is given along with our own preconceived ideas and mix them together getting an interpretation of what that word from God means, but it is really not what God means at all. Our own mindset can cause us to run off prematurely and miss God’s purpose and plan for our lives. We must learn to bathe our prophetic words in prayer, and wait for God to add further revelation to the partial revelation that was initially given. Waiting for the proper timing of God for the prophetic word is also extremely important. Just because you received a prophetic word, don’t always assume that it is for right now. There is always a period of time between the prophetic promise and the actual full manifestation of that promise being walked in called preparation. Don’t try to short cut the process; you must go through the preparation to walk in the promise.

I trust that these simple thoughts will help you in your walk with the Lord. This is in no way meant to be an exhaustive teaching on this subject, but merely a few general pointers to help us all to respond to the prophetic word of the Lord more accurately.



I originally posted this to my Blogger Blog on January 12, 2014, but it bears re-posting here. I went to sleep last night praying in the Spirit. I woke up this morning hearing the Lord saying WAIT! WAIT! WAIT! Then this Scripture came to me:



“Then the Lord answered me and said: ‘Write the vision And make it plain on tablets, That he may run who reads it. For the vision is yet for an appointed time; But at the end it will speak, and it will not lie. Though it tarries, wait for it; Because it will surely come, It will not tarry.’” Habakkuk 2: 2 & 3 NKJV


So often when we get a Prophetic Word we have a tendency to run off immediately with it thinking it is for right now. As I look back over my life I can look at many Prophetic Words that I received that took years to even begin to come to pass and some I am still waiting for. Don’t get in a hurry trying to make what God told you come to pass! Many have almost shipwrecked their life, me included, not understanding or knowing the timing of God.


I remember in 1982, right after I got married, my wife and I were on our way to Tulsa, OK for me to attend Rhema Bible Training Center (now Rhema Bible Training College). We made a slight detour on our way from NJ to OK via MI where my sister Bonnie and her family lived at the time for a visit.


During that visit we went to church with them and her Pastor, Robert Doorn (known to many the world over as Papa Doorn) called me out and prophesied to me on the Sunday night we were there. Here is an excerpt of what he prophesied to me that night, August 29, 1982:


“The Lord would say to you tonight Brother Mike, The Spirit of God would say, that while your Mother and Father are going to the mission field, they’re only going to blaze a trail before you. For surely, the trail they will blaze, shall even be a trail that you yourself will walk and minister under the anointing of My Spirit. You shall see multitudes healed and delivered and set free by My power, for behold, I’ll put the Word of Faith within you…”


Now here is what we need to learn about the Prophetic. THERE IS TIMING TO THE PROPHETIC! I didn’t take my first missionary trip to Africa until 1987, right after I graduated from Rhema, five years later. I didn’t really see multitudes get healed through my ministry until 1993 on a missions trip to Uganda during a crusade where the Gift of Faith fell on me, six years after my first missionary trip, and eleven years after I received the Prophetic Word.


The true legitimate Prophetic Word of God will always come to pass, but not on our time, on God’s time, and more times than not, they are not the same! What I think we fail to realize is that the language of the Prophetic can confuse us. For example, many times in Prophetic Words we will here God say “Soon”. Well, we immediately run off trying in our strength and ability to cause that word to come to pass because God said “Soon”.


We must remember that “Soon” to God and “Soon” to us mean two different things. God lives outside of time and we live in time. God measures time totally different than we do. Peter gives us a clue:


“But do not let this one fact escape your notice, beloved, that with the Lord one day is like a thousand years, and a thousand years like one day.” 2 Peter 3:8 NASB


So if we take this formula that Peter gives and apply it to Bible Prophecy it helps us in interpreting the Scriptures.


“He will revive us after two days; He will raise us up on the third day that we may live before Him. So let us know, let us press on to know the Lord. His going forth is certain as the dawn; and He will come to us like the rain, like the spring rain watering the earth.” Hosea 6:2 & 3 NASB


I want you to pay attention to the bold words in this text…two days & third day. In this portion of Scripture the Prophet is declaring that some things will take place after two days and on the third day. My question to you is this…was this Scripture fulfilled after two days from when it was written?


Most of you who understand where we are in God’s timetable understand that these promises that the Prophet declared are things that we are walking in today. Using Peter’s time calculation formula, it has been 2 days, or 2000 years since Christ was here and we are now in the beginning of the third day, or the third 1000 year period. (I have a whole message I preach from this text titled: “Where Are We Now”, but that is not the focus of this article, understanding God’s timing is)


If God has given you a promise…it will come to pass! Just don’t be in a hurry trying to make it come to pass. There is Timing to every Prophetic Word. Remember it is for an Appointed Time. Though it tarries…WAIT for it…for it will surely come!





Balance In The Prophetic

There is a growing trend in “Prophetic Circles” that has me quite concerned. It seems folks think that they must always get a “Word” to know what God wants them to do in life. It is almost as if we don’t know how to operate anymore if we don’t get a “Word”. Folks are running around chasing down every Prophet or prophetically gifted person and asking: “Do you have a ‘Word’ for me?”

I remember Kenneth E. Hagin telling us when I was a student in Rhema about a woman who used to always call him asking him for a “Word”. One time she called him in the middle of the night asking him for a “Word” and he told her he had one for her: “Go to sleep!”

Now this is somewhat humorous but not far off from what we see today in many of our circles. Folks don’t get me wrong, I love the prophetic movement of God, I flow in the Gift of Prophecy, in fact God changed my 5-fold office from Evangelist to Prophet around 13 years ago…but this has gotten way out of hand.

Do you mean to tell me we can’t function as Born Again, Spirit indwelt, Spirit filled Believers without getting a “Word”? That just ought not to be! How did we get so out of balance? In our desire to embrace the prophetic, we have gone overboard and made it into something God has never intended.

“For as many as are led by the Spirit of God, these are sons of God.” Romans 8:14 NKJV

I want to remind you that nowhere in the New Testament are we told ‘as many as are led by the prophetic word, these are the sons of God.’ No the Scripture plainly says that as many as are led by the Spirit of God, these are the sons of God. As a son or daughter of God you should expect to be led by the Spirit of God…not the Prophetic Word!

An interesting side thought of this verse which we do not have time to go into for this Blog is that in the above verse where it says sons of God, in the original Greek that the New Testament was written in, that word ‘sons’ carries the meaning ‘mature sons’…just food for thought for you.

One of the greatest life lessons I have ever learned, I learned from Kenneth E. Hagin: “You will find that being led by an inward witness is the number one, or the primary way, that God leads all of His children.” From his book ‘How You Can Be Led By The Spirit Of God’ I learned this lesson as a teenager even before I got married and enrolled in Rhema. It became part of my spiritual DNA (a term my good friend Pastor Barry Habib uses).

“The Spirit Himself bears witness with our spirit that we are children of God.” Romans 8:16 NKJV

There is the witness of the Holy Spirit inside of our human spirit that will let us know what to do. We need to learn to follow it! I always tell folks: “Follow after Peace.” I mean when you have peace in your spirit go that way. If it feels like fingernails down a black board in your spirit…DON’T DO IT!

Thank God for the “Prophetic Word”! It should confirm what leading we already have in our spirit, or expand upon what is in our spirit, or bring clarity to what is in our spirit. Even if it is new revelation to you when it comes…it will still bear witness with our spirit.

Just because we have embraced the “Prophetic” let us not be so out of balance that we feel like we cannot function unless we get a “Word”. No thank God for when He speaks! Expect Him to speak. Desire Him to speak. But we have in the process of wanting to hear a “Word” absolved ourselves of any responsibility to be led by His Spirit. God never intended that! We must remain in balance. Live your life following the inward witness and then receive the “Prophetic Word” when it comes…but if it doesn’t come…you are fine because you have the inward witness in your spirit.